Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sister Suzy has some new tops

Sister Suzy has a couple of new tops. Anybody recognize this old Simplicity pattern? Sister Suzy wanted some tank tops to mow the lawn in. I dug through my pattern stash and found this one. Made a copy of the pattern onto butcher paper with a few alterations to the pattern and sized it up for her.

This is the first experiment. I had her find some fabric amongst the quilt fabric she could live with and whipped one up. I had to put darts in the armholes to get rid of the gap. I wish pattern makers would draw in darts in the armholes for people with larger cup sizes than a "B". I also had to shorten the under-bust darts because the pattern was for a 'teen' or 'junior' size.

She likes the fit so I proceeded with the fabric she had picked out at Wally-World. (Rant-on! By the way Wally-World, when the fabric is gone from the El Dorado, Ks store the money you made with the purchase of this fabric will be spent elsewhere because we couldn't find a garment she would wear. Just telling you Wally World you are shooting yourself in the foot cause there are other places to shop! Rant-off!)

So I will be making some more tops but will be changing up the neckline a bit. I think a couple of V-necks and a couple of one-button henley style necklines would look nice too.

The laundry is calling my name.

Have a good day!



  1. Love those old patterns! I save mine too. So WalMart is doing away with their yard goods? Hmm, no wonder pickings have been slim over there these days.

  2. From what I understand Mrs. Walton told them they were not getting rid of the fabric. As soon as she passed away they got with it. We are down to two stores in the Wichita area and when their fabric is gone it's gone. The profit margin isn't high enough for them, I guess. The stupid part about the El Dorado store is it serves an agricultural community and we are seamstresses and quilters. As a result, of not carrying what my family wants or the shelves being empty we have been spending our few shekels in other places.

    Thanks for commenting!


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