Saturday, March 3, 2012

100th post and random thoughts

I can't believe I stuck with blogging long enough to get to 100! Will I get another 100 in? I don't know; we will see.

The Creative Muse has, evidently, wondered off to do other things. I have a half done quilt that has been setting here since before Christmas that isn't any more done than it was when I wondered off to do something else and it is not crying out to be finished. All the blocks are completed and quilted. The setting strips for the front and back are done but the desire isn't there.

I started a new afghan with the yarn from an afghan I wasn't going to finish. I found a pattern I really liked of an aran afghan that was for extra chunky weight yarn. I only have worsted so I found and swatched the border pattern, and the two cables patterns in the center panel. Figured out the gauge and added one more cable each of the cable patterns in the center panel. I have 12 inches knitted and the desire/pressure just isn't there to work on it. As I said the Muse has wondered off.

I would say She is in the nesting mood. Cooking and housekeeping are taking a precedent. She wants to clear the junk and find tasty new recipes. Gardening however doesn't thrill Her. But de-junking the yard does! So I will follow Her around and see where She leads me.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is blogging may get even more infrequent that it has been in the past if I have nothing creative to post.

Have a great day!



  1. Oh, a blogger is supposed to be actually doing something in order to post? Hmmmm. Over half of my blog wouldn't exist if I followed that creed. Then again, that could be an improvement for me!

  2. LOL! No, it would not be an improvement! I like the stuff you blog!

    It is just this blog is suppose to be about the creative things I do so when I get into a funk and beat myself up about not doing anything. I have the proof to fight back against the negative self-talk. In other words, I’m a sandwich short of a picnic more days than I care to admit.


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