Sunday, November 25, 2012

sister suzy got some new shirts

Sister Suzy decided she needed some new t-shirts for college and she wanted to know if I would do some appliquéing like I did on her bird shirt.  I said sure and here are the results.
 The design for these two came from EQ-6, my quilt program.  The pattern is an appliqué Celtic braid block.  Kind of tedious but looks sharp on the shirts.

Found a piece of fabric with dog prints on it.  She wanted the basset hound as it looks like Gracie.  I used a quilting trick here.  The colors in the Cocker complemented the shirt; so because both motifs came from the same fabric the Cocker ties into the shirt and the Basset.
This one took even longer than the first two.  The appliquéing starts on the sleeve, wanders over onto the shoulder, down the front and then curves around to the back.  The shirt looks really nice on her.  She says she wears this shirt when she is having a tough day because it is so bright.

I have a couple more to go but I haven't figured out how to take what we have envisioned and turn it into reality.

Have a good day!



  1. They're spectacular! I especially love the ones with the Celtic knots. I know they will be well loved and well worn.

  2. I think the Celtic knots turned out the best, also. I need to keep my eye out for more patterns for the future.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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