Tuesday, July 30, 2013

update to my woes

The Ford dealership in Guymon, OK is finally looking at the diesel.  Hubby had to remind them that the warranty expires the first of August, and then, they could duke-it-out with the bank as to who is paying for the repairs, as we don't have the money.

The car made it into the tranny shop.  Tranny shop replaced some module on the inside of the tranny, which the computer said was the problem.  That didn't fix it so the tranny shop pulled the cover again and got to poking around in there and discovered that there are no clutches left from second gear on.  It would cost $2400 to have it rebuilt.  Which, quite frankly, is more that the old girl is worth at over 220,000 miles.  So Hubby and I took a whirlwind ride to Albert Lea, MN yesterday to pick up a used tranny with 73,000 miles on it, to replace the old one.  Hubby will deliver the tranny tomorrow morning to get the car back on the road.  26 hours on the road with a 6-hour nap and we are both tired!  Blinding rain storms and road construction makes for a slow, tedious trip.

We have the water pump in to repair the washer.  We will tackle that as soon as Hubby gets back from the tranny shop tomorrow morning.  The laundry has reached critical mass and I need to do something even if it is wrong!  We think we have figured out how to get the water out of the tub without drowning ourselves.  Wish us luck!

Sister Suzy’s A/C was an easy fix.  The last time the lights went out during a thunderstorm the reset button on her A/C was tripped.  She pushed that and she now has A/C.  But, not before she went to the garage and retrieved the new A/C and brought it upstairs to her room. ; >)

The roof still leaks like a sieve but I have buckets in all the right places, though.  We need to get the roof tarped until we can get it fixed properly.  I know!  Pure white-trailer-trash!  I'd cover it in duct-tape if I had enough.  Red Green would be proud of me because I thought of duct-tape first!  LOL

July is almost over and thing are settling down again!  Yeah!

Hope everyone is having a good day!


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