Sunday, October 12, 2014

well here i sit

Well, here I sit...time to make a blog post and, well, I didn't get much accomplished this week.

I got the quilt for my niece pin-basted and three blocks quilted.  I got tried of fighting the quilt in the spot I had my sewing machine.  So I moved everything back into the second bedroom, my sewing machine, computer, and ironing board.

Then, I went to the living room and moved hubby's computer and the printer back in with my stuff.  The living room looks better, I just need to gather up the odd computer paraphernalia and get it moved out of the living room.  My bedroom feels less cramped, so that's better.

The closet in the second bedroom is getting a cleaning out.  I have a spot on one wall I want to turn into a cutting table like I had in Kansas. 
But I'm stuck because I have to sort through his music and computer stuff.  I felt my chest tightening up with my asthma as I was trying to decide what to do with his stuff, so I have backed off there.  I've babied my lungs the last couple of days.

Been fighting the computer and places he had accounts set-up trying to get things shutdown.  Me and the cable company are about to come to blows.  There is no place on their web site to report a death and dealing with the stupidity on the phone is wearing thin.  I suppose I wouldn't be so aggravated with the cable company but I don't watch TV.  In fact, I don't even know how to turn the boob-tube on.  I have four remotes setting on the lamp stand.  Which one operates what?  I don't know!  And no where, on any of the electronics, is there a simple on/off switch!  This probably hasn't helped my asthma either, come to think of it.

Enough grousing, I hope everyone is having a good day.



  1. Sorry that you are dealing with this. When my husband died I did not know how to turn on the TV either, my nephew came to show me, but I ended up cancelling the cable and only turning it on occasionally to check the weather or news. I do not have a TV in my RV. It may take a few tries but you will finally get things arranged comfortably. And hopefully you can deal with the other stuff just a little at time.

    1. I would cancel the cable in a heartbeat and not feel bad about it but the telephone and Internet are through the cable company. The only use I have for cable is the music channels. I probably need to get on the phone and have the daughter walk me through the remotes. I will need to write down which button to push first until my pea brain has it memorized. Because if there is a way to screw it up, I will find it!

      I beginning to think becoming a single person again maybe a bigger adjustment than becoming a married person.

  2. i don't like tv in general either and part of it has to do with the remote! i'm fairly tech savvy but if i push one wrong button i'm done for.
    my husband travels so when he's gone the tv can stay dark for weeks at a time. it's not big thing to me. i'm not missing a thing.

    just not fun at all to deal with all the red tape of cable company and accounts. why do they need to make it so difficult during a difficult time.

    yeah you for getting organized! have a good day judy!

    1. Remember when you could call up any place of business and say you were Mrs. So-n-so and they would let you open up an account in your husband's name? You could close any account the same way? Needed account information, just ask! Ah, women's lib. There is one quaint practice still in use, at least in Kansas, if you are single woman, that has to be stated on the deed to any real property you might own.

      I like to be organized, so I can forget about it and engage my brain on more interesting stuff.


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