Sunday, January 25, 2015

sister suzy graduates

One of my reasons for heading back to Kansas in December was for Sister Susy's graduation.
(Not the best picture but considering it is from my little point-n-shot from half-court...)

They had her stand to acknowledge her grade point average.  It was announced to be a 4.0 but final grades were not in yet.  Last class was Friday, graduation ceremony was Saturday, and grades weren't due until the following Tuesday. 

I had to laugh, she is so disgusted because she made an A- in one of her class so her grade point average is 3.999 instead of 4.0.  She said they jinxed her by making her stand for the 4.0 acknowledgment.  I don't think that's too bad considering Hubby passed away a month into the semester, the Saturday after he died she started a full time job and was taken a full load of 15 hour with no fluff courses.  Those last 3 weeks were touch-n-go to get all the papers and projects finished and turned in on time, along with the job.

Afterwards we (family and friends) head over to the local Chinese Buffet for a celebratory meal.
Two of her high school teacher, Kent Harms her Softball Coach and Algebra teacher, Julie McCreight her Theater Director and forgive me I can't remember Julie's daughter's name.
One of the girls she runs around with from high school, Kylsie
One of her cousins, Sami.  I didn't get photos of the rest of the crowd.  Big hugs to you guys for coming and making our day!

Now for Graduate School!  I have my fingers crossed she gets into the program out here with Midwestern because it has a Doctorate Program and all internships are done on campus and are paid.  (Not to mention, I sometimes want to play Helicopter Mom.)  She, of course, is torn between staying in Kansas to be close to friends and the Doctorate Program out here with Midwestern.  Time will tell.

Hope everyone is having a good day!


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