Thursday, May 7, 2015

just checking in

Just checking in, been having all kinds of computer problems.  Took my tower into Best Buy and they tell me my motherboard is dying although the funky sound is coming from the hard drive.  I got on Hubby's computer and sent an e-mail to his brother-in-law because I decided they were full of it.  However, I will have to stop calling them names after he e-mailed back and said it is a good possibility that something on the motherboard isn't working right and not feeding the correct power to the hard-drive.

So, I've got to dig through all of Hubby's computer stuff and see if there is a spare motherboard lying around.  Find all the disks for the software and if I have the right ones.  I'm also looking at just moving my hard-drive to his computer.  Then running both hard-drives from his, but I will need all the software before I start and his computer needs to be upgraded to Windows 7 cause his still has XP on it.  Also, he has some sort of exotic motherboard that is specifically for re-mastering music and videos and the standard stuff isn't always compatible.  Ah, for the days of our old KLH 286 with plug-n-play.

Don't have much to report on the quilting front.  I have two quilts started and with the blocks about half quilted.  I have lost interest in both.  Come to think of it, I have three quilts started and laying around. Sigh!

I haven't started cleaning out the second bedroom.  I need to get a move on it as I am heading to Kansas the middle of June to load Sister Suzy up to bring her out here with as much stuff as possible.  I would love to rent a truck and empty the storage room and my sister's garage but I may not have the funds to do it. Another sigh!

On another front, I'm beginning to think I may be allergic to corn. (Sister and oldest daughter are/were allergic to corn.)  I've been watching my caloric intake in an effort to take some strain off my knees.  I had a bowl of popcorn about a week ago and overnight gained five pounds.  (I gain 2 to 5 pounds if I have any dairy.)  It has taken me a week to get most of that weight back off.  If that (being allergic to corn) is true, I will probably need to drop peas and soy from my diet as they are/were both allergic to those items, also.  Double sigh!

Well enough grousing!  There are lots of good things going on, too.  Even if it's nothing more than John Bradford's, "there, but for the grace of God, goes I."

Y'all have a good day!



  1. grrrr i hate computer problems!!!!

    i have our new bedroom quilt to finish up. i haven't got the binding on yet. i got so burnt out on the bedroom renovation the thought of even working on that quilt had made me exhausted.... so it sits. however i want to start something new so i'm going to finish it and move on.

    CORN!!!! oh no! there's so much corn and soy in everything :( what a bummer.
    ps i could eat popcorn pretty much ever single day.... and there's been times i have. it's my number one favorite snack.

    1. computer problems - another one of those things I should have keep my nose stuck into that has come back to haunt me.
      quilts - that's where I'm at, I need to finish one but it just depresses the hell out of me to think about it.
      corn - fortunately most of my cooking is from scratch and I'm a devout label reader. We eliminated most of the high-fructose corn syrup several years ago due to what it does to diabetic livers. But still, real Mexican from scratch...


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