Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Designing a quilt - color

Image from http://www.rewaj.com/fashion/understand-colors-with-color-wheel.html

Upon reviewing what I have written about designing a quilt the one area I have not covered well, in my mind, is color. In fact, I have kind of glossed it over. After some reflection I believe the reason is I just don't know that much about the subject. This color wheel sums up what I know. The three primary colors, secondary and tertiary colors, they go from light to dark. That's about it. The whys and hows of using one color over another I don't really understand. I've taking a color class and I continue to read about color but I really don't understand it. Why do I pick one color over another? Beats me.

All I can tell you about the way that I decide which fabric to put with another is by trial and error. Place a fabric beside another and saying, yes, that looks good or, yuck, I think not. I know I make good color choices because people I respect in the quilting world like my quilts.

So my advice to you is go with what looks good to you. Really, whatever looks good to you! You will like some of your choices better than others. We all have quilts that we look at shake our heads and say, "What was I thinking?" I have one that I use backing up because I really don't like the way the top went together. The quilt does the job it is suppose to do, keep me warm, but I still think it is ugly. So go have some fun and make a quilt you like!

Have a good day!


p.s. This is turning out to be a frantic week so it may be a while before I get back with more quilting stuff. Judy

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