Friday, June 1, 2012


Help! I'm swimming in a sea of apricots!  Morning, noon and night!  I'm even dreaming in apricots!  I am out of fruit jars!  I don't want to dehydrate any more.  I'm tired of the smell of apricots!  I've ate my fill!  And there are still more in the trees!

Have a good day!



  1. I still remember a similar incident from when I was a young kid and our first year with an apricot tree in the yard. We ate that apricot jelly Mom made for years after that it seemed. Don't remember her being enthused enough to repeat it the next year. Maybe they cut the tree down? I'll have to ask her. Thanks for prompting that. Oh, and no helpful suggestions. Sorry.

  2. LOL! Yup, I still have all manner of jellies and jams from the last time the apricot trees produced. So this time I decided to make fruit leathers and apricot nectar. Thank God, for early blooming and Kansas late frosts most years!

  3. It's a good problem though, right? Have you tried chutney? Would love a good recipe if you have!

    1. LOL Yes, it is a good thing because I love apricots! And I know with the early blossoming and Kansas wonky late winter/early spring weather that I will not get fruit every year. And boy do I have some recipes! I need to gather that ream of paper and decide which ones to publish.

      I want to thank you and Shadowmoss for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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