Friday, June 8, 2012

the last of the knitting frenzy

Here is the last scarf that I knitted.

The scarf is called a Slotted Scarf from IrishKnitCat Designs.  I made my scarf's body seven inches longer than the pattern called for because I don't like anything tight around my neck.

I used Red Heart Designer Sport in Dutch Blue on US #7 needles.  I wish I had cast-on just two stitches so I could have had a sharper point.  This is the first time I actually knit a decent seed stitch.  I think that is because I knit the scarf using Western style knitting instead of my usual Eastern Uncrossed.

I also think that this scarf could be knitted in different weight yarns with just adjusting the number of increases to get the width you want.  I could knit several of these without getting bored.

Next up everything you wanted to know about apricots but were afraid to ask! LOL Not really!

Have a good day!


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