Friday, September 6, 2013

hello phoenix!

 Warning:  This is long-winded!

We have arrived, unpacked and finally have telephone and Internet service all at the same time as of last night at 10:00 PM.  It's been a wild and patience-testing ride since the 14th of August.

We left Thursday morning and by the time we had got to Andover, Hubby had dealt with three phone call wanting documents to verify our income and bank statements.  Holy Mother of God!  Where were these requests two weeks ago when we could have faxed everything from the home computer?  It's tied down, under a tarp and buried in one of fifteen bazillion boxes and wouldn't cost $2.00 a page to fax! 

So we sweated that and keep moving down the road.  Five miles north of Dalhart, TX, I dodged a road alligator.  I got on the radio and ask Hubby if we just had a blowout on the trailer.  Sure enough, we lost the driver-side rear tire on the trailer.  We limped into Dalhart, got a room and spent the night.  Just our luck, the tire shop had closed five minutes before the tire blew.  The Super-8 has nice rooms, by the way, and the steak house up the road had great chef salads.  Psycho Cat was so freaked out she was literally trembling when we got into the motel.  I put her under the covers and she hid there most of the night.

Friday morning, Hubby gets both rear tires on the trailer replaced and the bank statements e-mailed to Phoenix and we find out the retirement office didn't fax my income verification but stuck it in some internal e-mail account I'm suppose to have access to.  Rrrright!  Hubby tells me he did not pack the blue book that has all my retirement account access codes are in.  It is still in the center drawer of the desk we left.  Sister Suzy finds it and gives us the codes.  Next piece of the puzzle is sent.  30 miles north of Alamogordo, NM the front tire on the driver's side blows.  We have someone come out and put the spare on which is the only new tire we started with.  We call it a day when we got to Alamogordo and got a room at a little motel that had top ratings.  Psycho Cat is still freaked but better.

Next morning, Saturday, Hubby got another new tire and off we went.  I notice the check-engine-light is on at the Border Patrol Station on I-10.  I don't say anything; the car is running great.  Just outside of Deming, NM, another blowout!  Driver's side front tire, again!  The one new tire we had in the beginning!  Of course, it's noon, and all the tire shops have closed for the day!  We pick up a tire at Wally-World, and they can't change the tire because it is against company policy to change tires on trailer.  Ok, whatever!  So we head back down the street to the Chevron station at the first exit heading west into Deming.  The gentleman not only changed the tire but also balance it and sold us a used tire for a spare all for $40.00 bucks.  Happy dance!  Hubby checked out the idiot light on the car and came back with error messages that did not agree with the performance of the car.  The car was running great!  We headed for Phoenix with the wind-shredded tarps flapping in the breeze watching the rain at Tucson.  I explained to God I wasn't Job and He could knock it off!  Evidently, He was listening because we only drove through a light shower.   Psycho Cat decides she can eat, have a drink and use the litter box. Yeah!  I was starting to worry about the cat.

We slept in on Sunday!

Monday morning, we can't have the keys the apartment isn't ready.  Oookkkaaayyy!  We can have the keys Tuesday morning at 8:00 am.  We reschedule the moving crew, again, for 8:30 am.  Great, another night in a motel room with questionable A/C!

Tuesday morning, Hubby heads for orientation for his new job and I'm sitting in the parking lot of the apartment complex waiting for the apartment manager to show up.  She's late; and I have to promise to set all the boxes in the dining area because the carpet cleaner hasn't shown up yet to clean the carpets to get the keys.  First order of business is to install the cat in the master bath so she has a safe, cool place to stay.  The carpet cleaners don't show and we set the cots up to sleep on until we can get our pedestal bed rebuilt.

Spent the next couple of days washing cabinets, laying shelf paper and unpacking the kitchen.  I gave the apartment manager a gift for the cleaning crew of a mummified potato we found on a top shelf.  And people wonder why I'm so anal when I move into a place!

Friday the transmission died on the car for Hubby, on the way to work.  Fortunately, it happened at the end of the block.  We pushed it back into the parking lot and Hubby took off in the truck.  The car is still something we need to deal with.

We discover the DSL worked but we didn't have phones.  Do people in customer service actually listen to anybody when they call?  Don't answer that!  And when you get the phone line fixed, how hard is it to ring in to check to see if it is actually working?  Don't answer that!  We had an electrical storm and guess what happens when you turn off your laptop but still have it hooked up to the modem?  You not only fry your computer but the modem as well!  I'm just sick about Hubby's laptop.  Back to customer service. Sigh!

Last night while we were trying to get the new modem set-up we discovered the phone jacks in both bedrooms do not work.  I haven't worked up the courage to go talk the apartment manager but I need to before the day is out.  I really don't like being wireless.  I like my computers hard-wired.  I know, I'm a Luddite!

So what have I been doing with all my free time without a computer and the Internet?  Knitting!  I have five dishcloths done and my sweater out.  And just for kicks and grins, once I got my sewing machine set up I started quilting a top I found in a tub I had forgot about.  I plan on giving the quilt to the neighbor kid and his girlfriend that are house-sitting for us in Kansas.

Oh!  It should stop raining since I am more or less unpacked now.  LOL

I hope everyone is having a great day!


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