Tuesday, May 20, 2014

something else I finished

Here's something else I finished but didn't blog about.

I have always wanted a Faroe Isle shawl. The shape makes so much more sense than a regular triangle or stole type.  They have shoulders knitted in so they stay on better.  There are two types one that is beautiful lace and a solid one similar to the one I knitted (cause I was cold).  So I got busy on Ravelry and found this pattern Top Down Faroese Shawl with Garter Rib Variation by Cate Leonard.  I knitted it using US#8 needles.  The yarn is Red Hearts Heather in Teal using a little over 3 skeins.

This shawl unblocked but washed and dried in a dryer measures 24 inches down center back, 53 inches along top edge and 102 inches across the bottom edge.  My ribbing was 5 and half inches deep.

I started this as the directions called for; got to the ribbing and did not like the body of the shawl.  Ripped it out and started over.  The band is garter stitch (cast-on 7 stitches).  The body of the shawl was done in stockinette and I think it looks so much more polished to me.  I slipped the first stitch on each row.

All increases in the body were, make one front and back, with yarn overs for the increase at the band and back panel.  My increases in the ribbing were done on rows 3 and 4; they were knit in the front and back of the first stitch to eliminate the hole.  I figured out how many increase per section and used stitch markers to keep track of where I was on the increases and to make sure I did not forget any.  There are 9 increases in section one, 12 increases in next RS row and 2 in back panel.  Section two has 14 increases, 17 increases in the next RS row and 2 in back panel.  Section three has 17 increases, 24 increases in the next RS row and 2 in the back panel.

I used a Russian join for adding in the next skein.

I added a short row of garter stitch in the band every ten ridges as per Techknitter’s instruction on how to keep the garter stitch bands from curling with stockinette.  Thank-you Techknitter it works like a charm!

I used Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off.  Man I love this bind off!

I made this shawl pretty much per the directions because I couldn't figure out how to up-size it for me.  If I were to make one for me I think I would increase the size of the back center panel at the neck.  Then I would add a few more increases in the body of the shawl and make the body a little bit longer as I am considerable rounder than Sister Suzy and I would like it a few inches longer. 

I doubt, however, I will ever make another shawl especially for myself because the backs of my arms get cold not my shoulders. Draping a sweater around my shoulders doesn't help my cold arms.  I have to put my arms in the sleeves for them to warm up.

Hope everyone is having a good day!



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