Thursday, August 28, 2014

i'm alive and bored

I'm alive and bored to tears with the quilt I'm working on.  It is bordering on ugly to me and I can't think of a way to save it.  The quilt should have been finished last week and mailed by now.  I can't bring myself to finish it.  I need to slog on through because I have another one due out of here by the middle of October.  Then I have another one I've been working on for a while I want to finish before Christmas and get out of here also.

I'd rather be knitting.  I found a pattern for an afghan I really like how it is coming together.   I am using three colors:  green, white and blue.  Other than the 20 skeins of yarn to work the afghan in intarsia, it is an easy knit.

Hubby speech is getting better as time passes.  And so long as we don't OD on pork products his gout wouldn't be flaring up.  Some days I worry about us!

Missing Sister Suzy as she is back in Kansas for her last semester of college.  She called and ask for a care-package of Chocolate Gummy Bears and Tiger Sauce.  We will have to wait until it cools off before we can ship the chocolate.

I hope every one is having a good day!


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