Wednesday, February 23, 2011

how to fix(not) crayfish boudin

This is what I did to my pound of crayfish boudin we got from Poche's Market at Poche's Bridge, LA last year at spring break along with some other fine Louisiana fix-ens.

One: place your 3 mostly frozen crayfish boudin links in the bottom of a sauce pan with a pound of mostly frozen chicken-n-duck sausage (4) links on top. Cover with water, place on stove with the heat on high.

Two: get a phone call from your younger sister. Gab for, oh, about an hour and a half, upstairs in your woman cave.

Three: come downstairs. Look in the pot at the nicely thickened water bubbling away. Start freaking!

Four: take the pan off the fire, get out the tongs and fish out 4 links. Where are the missing links?! Stir the thickened water, now broth, looking for the missing links and observe little chunks of crayfish and pieces of rice. Yup! The light slowly dawns, I just cooked the crayfish boudin to pieces.

Five: gamely take a taste of the nice looking cream of something soup. Hum, nice flavor! Do I dare eat it! Do I dare serve it to Hubby! Man, I don't want to waste it!

Six: set the dinner table with the original intent for Po-boys and the NEW side, cream of crayfish and rice soup. Dinner was rescued and tasted pretty good. We did miss out on a crayfish boudin Po-boy though:(

Have a good day!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MIL slippers

Hubby ask if I would knit his mother a pair of slippers. Her feet are so swollen that she can't wear socks to keep her feet warm. She can just barely stuff her feet into her shoes. The pair on the left are for her, the pair on the right were suppose to be for a friend of Sister Suzy who was loaning her a textbook. However, I used different yarn, which knitted up tighter than the other pairs I made, so I have another size 7 pair. Guess Sister Suzy gets another pair or I may cabbage on to them.

I still need to knit a pair of size 10s. Think maybe I should check gauge this time?! We wanted them to be non-skid, so I researched out on the web to find what to put on the bottoms of the slippers. Some are using puff fabric paint, or little sticky dots, or sewing on footed-slipper fabric, or using something like what I have pictured below. There was the brush-on type and aerosol spray type. I decided on the brush-on type for a couple of reasons. One, I have asthma and I don't need to inhale any vapors from over-spray and didn't want over-spray sticking to any other surfaces. Two, the brush-on stuff covered more surface area at about the same price.

I cut out a pattern from cardboard using one of my sandals as a pattern. Slipped the sole pattern in the slippers making sure I had a left and right. Using an old toothbrush as an applicator, I brushed on a thin layer per the instruction. Let it dry less than 24 hours, applied a second coat and let dry for 48 hours before wearing. They say not to wash for at least 2 weeks to let it completely cure. The backing will wear off and have to be reapplied. The nice part is while the Safety Back is still wet it is water soluble and really easy to clean up.

Here is another picture with different lighting. I used my top-down heavily modified two needle pattern I have been using from The Irish Ewe by Dagny Lilley.

Have a good day!


Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day

What are you doing for your sweetie this Valentine's day?

I'm going to fix Hubby roast vegetables with beef. I always put a ton of vegetables in the crock-pot and then have to figure out how to get the roast in. :>) We had green beans last night, so, probably raw veggies tonight. Oh, Yeah! I just remembered there are radishes in the frig, one of his favorite vegetables.

I have a heart shaped pan so there will be a cake also. Think it will be that apple cake or this honey cake recipe from Elana's Pantry. Hubby and Sister Suzy like cream frosting.

Well, I need to get cracking, today is laundry day, too!

Have a good day!


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