Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2nd update to my woes

The diesel is back!  Yeah!  Hubby and I did another whirlwind trip to pick it up.  We though about pulling the loaded trailer with the 1/2 ton to Guymon; then hooking up the diesel and finishing the trip to Phoenix.  But we quickly ditched that idea, as we didn't want the diesel to crap-out on us somewhere between Guymon and Tucumcari.  We are just a little gun-shy after the last trip back from Phoenix. ; >)  So it looks like tomorrow morning we will be pulling out O-dark-thirty for Phoenix.  Catch a nap in Alamogordo, NM.  Then do another O-dark-thirty to be in Phoenix by noon on Friday. 

I guess I should warn everybody along the route and everybody in Phoenix, I don't seem to be able to move unless it is raining.  So expect rain!

The washer runs like it's new and the roof still leaks like a sieve.  We will deal with the roof when we come back in December (Please, warm dry weather, Lord.) to visit family and get the rest of our stuff.  (Hi, my name is Judy, and I have a fiber addiction.) 

We got a harness for Psycho Cat.  (I don't want her to make a dash for freedom on the trip.)  Oh my God funny, she thinks she is incapable of walking with the harness on.  She is, also, extremely docile, hum, I just may leave it on her.  Nah, where's the fun in that! 

Got to go!  Time to pack my computer!  See y'all in Phoenix!