Monday, January 31, 2011

shooting yourself in the foot

I think I shot myself in the foot.

My younger brother use to bring me all of his venison that was left over from the previous year. However, I'm not getting any, anymore, because he ask me how I fixed it, as he and his wife had run out of ways to fix it. I told him that any lamb recipe would work perfectly with venison and my favorite recipes were Indian. Any highly seasoned recipe works really. The ground venison is almost always made into chili. I've made kabob with the ground venison a couple of times but chili is the hands-down favorite. I'm down to two packages and no resupply in sight. I'm going to have to stop being so helpful! LOL!

We had this recipe last night; Daal Gosht (lamb with lentils). It was very good! Just sub venison for the lamb.

I've got to find a new source of venison!

Note: the photo of the cuts of venison is from

Have a good day!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bonnie's cole slaw and rotisserie chicken

Here's another recipe from when I worked at a nightclub. It is quick and easy to whip up; and I get request to fix it for pot-lucks and family dinners.

Bonnie's Cole Slaw

Image from: as the results of a Google search for a photo of cole slaw.

For every 1 lb. of green cabbage you need
2 - 4 oz. of red cabbage
1 medium carrot

1 lb of pre-packaged slaw mix

1 cup mayo or Miracle Whip
2 TBSP milk
1 TBSP sugar
1/2 tsp. celery seed

Directions: Slice cabbages fine, then dice in small pieces. Peel carrot and cut into match sticks or grate. Mix cabbages and carrot well. In separate small bowl, blend until smooth mayo, milk, sugar, and celery seed. Scrape dressing over cabbage blend and mix well. It will look like there isn't enough dressing but keep mixing; you will end up with a light coating of dressing on the cabbage blend.

Yield: 6 to 10 servings depending on whom you are feeding.

I sometimes substitute 1/16 tsp. of Stevia in place of the sugar, if I am being extra healthy. Most of the time I don't get too excited about it; you're not getting that much sugar in a serving.

When I was shopping for a toaster-oven right after we moved into the new house and had no stove. I bought a toaster-oven that had a rotisserie feature and we love it. I discovered about three chickens ago that if I stuffed the inside of the chicken, with chopped veggies, salt and some spices I got a moist flavorful chicken. It takes a little longer to bake/broil but it has been well worth it.

Tonight, I stuffed the chicken with: onion, garlic, 1/2 a chopped lemon with peel, celery, and 1/2 tsp of lemon pepper. Closed the body cavity with a toothpick. Then trussed the chicken on to the rotisserie skewer. Shook lemon pepper all over the outside and cooked it for an hour and 1/2. I've done pretty much the same thing with Italian seasonings with the same excellent results. I think that the next time I would like to try it with a dry BBQ rub.

Photos of the finished quilt will have to wait till we get some sunshine.

Have a good day!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

now If that isn't aggravating

Now, if that isn't the most aggravating thing.

While I was throwing my shoulder out of place by patting myself on the back, because I had figured out how to make some binding I found in Mother's stash work. (It was two different widths.) I wasn't paying attention to the quilt top curling while sewing on the binding. (It was facing down.) Now I have to pick ALL those spots out and fix them! I was so peeved I threw it down and went to bed last night. Just look at it!

Sigh! What I wanted to show you were pictures of a completed quilt. Well it isn't going to get fixed just grousing about, and I want to get it finished, so I can do something else; so I best get the seam ripper out and get busy.

You have a more productive day!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

the twist yarn tasting scarf

My sister and I went to The Twist Yarn Shop in Wichita, Ks for a 'yarn tasting' event. We both wanted to play with some different types of yarns without buying a skein of each. I ended up with anything that had wool in it because my sister is allergic to wool. Thanks, Kid-O!

I have decided, I have knitted the scarf from The Twist Yarn Shop yarn samples in their final form. I started with the Seafoam stitch in various yarn-over lengths. I had it all knitted up except for the tails woven end, but didn't like some of the yarn placement.

So I moved all of the Angoras to the ends. Angoras make me itch, so I wanted it as far away from my face as possible. I then separated the mint green from the turquoise with the darker green. They blended in together. The next move was the variegated brown in the center from where I had it, to where the colors flow better one from the other. Lastly because of the turquoise is a silk single I was afraid that it would not hold up in the lace Seafoam stitch pattern, so I went to the simplest stitch pattern in the world, the garter stitch.

As I looked at it, it was so 'Plain Jane' it needed something. So I went through the stash and found a skein of Bernat Satin Sport in beige to finish the edges with. I toyed with a more complicated border but in the end settled for a simple edge.

After all is said and done, I like the end product. It varies from 8 1/2" to 7" wide and is 50" unstreched(unstreched is not a word?), done in garter stitch on US #6 needles, cast-on was 36 stitches in a long tail cast-on, cast-off was your standard cast-off, and the edge was crocheted with a US 'D' hook using a single crochet.

Yarns used:
Bernat Satin Sport in beige for the edging, 100% acrylic (splits badly)[Oh, the shame of acrylic in the same garment with silk, alpaca, angora, and wool. I make a really bad yarn snob!]
Classic Elite Lush in Peach fuzz, 50% wool, 50% angora, two pieces 15 1/3 yds and 18 1/2 yds
Knit One, Crochet Too Ty-Dy in Berry, 100% cotton, 21 yds
Ella Rea Lace Merino in Mauve, 100% superwashed extra fine merino, two pieces 31 yds and 33 2/3 yds (knitting with merino is a dream)
Prism Saki in Cabernet, 80% merino, 20% nylon, two pieces 31 yds and 26 yds ( yum, another merino)
Mirasol Wach'i in bright red, 85% pima cotton, 15% silk, 17 yds
Araucania Chaiten in gold/sand, 100% silk 21 1/2 yds (a rough textured yarn)
Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool in Emerald 9 yds, Neptune blue 13 1/3 yds, Columbine 19 yds, 45 % wool, 35 % silk, 20 % nylon(a pleasure to knit with)
Fiesta La Luz in turquoise, 100% silk, 18 yds(this is a single and very fragile with a lot to shedding, pretty to look at though)
Louisa Harding Mulberry in Seafoam, 100% silk, 18 yds (of the silks this was the best to knit with and I wouldn't mind knitting with it more)
Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy in Navy Blue, 35% hemp, 41% cotton, 25% modal, 13 2/3 yds ( I would like to knit more with this one. They say it gets softer with each washing and doesn't mold because of the hemp. I can think of lots of uses!)
Classic Elite Fresco in Purple Haze, 60% wool, 30% baby alpaca, 10% angora, 2 pieces 17 yds and 22 1/2 yds (Not as itchy as the Lush but still itchy)

For a grand total of 350.5 yards of yarn from The Twist. I forgot to measure the Bernat for the edging. Oh well!

So there it is, an UFO, finished, and in the sleeve of my coat to keep my neck and face warm.

Have a good Day!