Tuesday, September 18, 2012

a puzzle for you

How did this:

Female ornate box turtle - click to see all state reptile symbols

an ornate box turtle get into this:

FORTEX IND. Rubber Corner Bucket Black 5 Gallon - B500

Ducky's water bucket?

I went out to feed and water the critters last night.  When I got to Ducky's pen and peered over the fence looking in her water bucket there was the shell of an ornate box turtle floating in her half-filled water bucket.  Then the water and shell moved a little bit.  I quickly retrieved the bucket from the pen and dumped it out.  The turtle didn't seen too worse for the wear and headed for a rock to hide under.

So how did that turtle get in her water bucket?  The bucket is twice as high as the turtle was long and where would a duck grab hold of a turtle to plop it in the bucket?  I know Ducky is not your average duck but still.

Ducky looks very similar to this one.  I guess I need one of those wildlife camcorders to see what is going on in my backyard.  But then again maybe I don't!  Did you every read 'Tuesday'?

Have a good day!