Saturday, February 13, 2016

that was interesting

That was interesting!  I was bringing up a heavy load of groceries and coughed at the same time.  I threw out a rib on the right side.  Holy-moly! I couldn't breathe, couldn't sleep, couldn't raise my arms, stoop, walk, type...nothing.

After several trips to the Chiropractor I can now breathe...function.  I'm hooked up to my TENS unit so when the muscles feel like they are tightening up I can zap the nerves and keep the spasms from pulling the rib back out of place.  I'm still not back a 100% but being able to take a deep breath is so wonderful.  This has brought home the point quite forcefully, again, that breathing is optional not a given.

It is interesting that the lower back and neck are considered easy to get back into place and stay in place.  While the thoracic area isn't because of the complexity of the ribs, muscles and shoulder blades and their supporting muscles.  So, basically, I'm waiting for the muscles to give up or be retrained to leave the ribs where they belong.  And I am ready!

Which brings me Muse came to visit before all this started and I was so excited to be able to play and create with her.  Why is your Muse always feminine?  Could there be a masculine Muse?

Did you know that using a rotary cutter, ironing and sitting at a sewing machine all use muscles in your thoracic area?  I finally got the top together and I hope I get it quilted in the next week or two to show to you.

Got some other thing I want to show you too; so until I get some photos taken I hope everyone is having a good day.