Friday, October 1, 2010

sister suzy's sweater

This is the sweater I started for Sister Suzy. It is a top down sweater from Lion Brand Yarn web site called (Surprise! Surprise!) Top-down Cardigan. I am knitting on US #10s. using a modification for gauge I found in Ann Budd's The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns. She explains how to make the gauge you are getting work for the pattern you want to use. Pretty cool!

The yarn came from E-Bay Knitters Paradise. The Yarn is Coats & Clark Yarn 250- Super Saver 4 Ply in Paddy Green and Royal Blue.

Sister Suzy found a sweater in a store that gradient from black to white then back to black. She took a picture of it with her cell phone to show me. We talked colors, I had the blue, she thought a green would look good with it. So Hubby and I went back to Knitters Paradise and found a green we thought would go well with the blue.

Then on a piece of graph paper after a couple of stabs at it, I think I have come up with a plan to gradient from blue to green and back to blue in the twelve-and-a-half inches I have from the arm hole to the bottom of the sweater.

Have a good day!


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