Wednesday, October 27, 2010

did you know

Did you know when you double the size of a quilt, you will most likely run out of the main color? Duh! Apparently I didn't!

I got bored quilting blocks for Derek's quilt and decided to start setting some blocks together. As I was cutting fabric for the setting strips I noticed there wasn't a lot of fabric left. So as I was setting that row together I kept looking at the fabric mentally measuring and remeasuring fabric. Once I got the row set together, I got up, laid out the fabric and got to wonder if I had enough to finish building the rest of the blocks. Well only one way to find out! I finished making the blocks. I had a 24'' x 8" piece left when I was done. That was way too close for comfort! And boy am I glad I listen to that quiet voice that says, "I'm not sure you want to do that."

To add to the fun, I knew we had purchased the end of the bolt. Most stores here in my neck of the woods don't have any in the back waiting to be put on the shelves. What you see is what you have to choose from. So, I went on a search-n-destroy mission to the other local fabric shops looking for a fabric that would work with what I had. Surprise! Surprise! The first fabric shop I stopped at had a fabric that is real close. It has a touch of white, a very small print but the background is the same shade as the original main color. If you get up close and personal you will notice the difference, but three or four feet away not so much.

Oh, how much too short was I? 70" long piece figured on 40" width, that is all the setting strips front and back as well as the binding.

I have two more border strips to add and then the binding. Yeah! It will be done before the First of November which is when I promised it.

Well back to it!

Have a good day !


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