Wednesday, February 23, 2011

how to fix(not) crayfish boudin

This is what I did to my pound of crayfish boudin we got from Poche's Market at Poche's Bridge, LA last year at spring break along with some other fine Louisiana fix-ens.

One: place your 3 mostly frozen crayfish boudin links in the bottom of a sauce pan with a pound of mostly frozen chicken-n-duck sausage (4) links on top. Cover with water, place on stove with the heat on high.

Two: get a phone call from your younger sister. Gab for, oh, about an hour and a half, upstairs in your woman cave.

Three: come downstairs. Look in the pot at the nicely thickened water bubbling away. Start freaking!

Four: take the pan off the fire, get out the tongs and fish out 4 links. Where are the missing links?! Stir the thickened water, now broth, looking for the missing links and observe little chunks of crayfish and pieces of rice. Yup! The light slowly dawns, I just cooked the crayfish boudin to pieces.

Five: gamely take a taste of the nice looking cream of something soup. Hum, nice flavor! Do I dare eat it! Do I dare serve it to Hubby! Man, I don't want to waste it!

Six: set the dinner table with the original intent for Po-boys and the NEW side, cream of crayfish and rice soup. Dinner was rescued and tasted pretty good. We did miss out on a crayfish boudin Po-boy though:(

Have a good day!


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