Sunday, March 13, 2011

stage mother

Sigh! My life as a stage mother is over! Sister Suzy is graduating this year and the high school theatre troop put on their last production for the year. It was Stand and Deliver. Sister Suzy was the security guard and the janitor. Sister Suzy did a great job! As well as the rest of the troop! They were really stretched as actors. It is so much easier to do the over-the-top stuff. Getting the accents, subtle body movements and such frustrated them all, time and again.

I got to find and alter the pants, a shirt, and belts for Sister Suzy's costumes. The theatre director found the shirt for the security guard . I also, got to make a holster for her baton. I had a couple of false starts before I figured out a way to make the holster without a bunch of bulky seams. Hubby took care of the musical sound track for between the scenes when the stage was blacked-out. There wasn't enough Santana and way too much Jose Feliciano (one short piece. . . I can live without him!)

During production week we provide one of the evening meals for the cast and crew. The kids were so appreciative. Some of the comments were “All-right a gourmet meal!”. . .“A feast!”. . .And tons of thank-yous.

No more listening to Sister Suzy after a day of set building, talking about supplies they were looking for. Then rummaging around and coming up with the stuff they needed. Sigh!

Have a good day!



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope the banana bread works out for you. Glad the kids appreciated your meal!

  2. Thank-you for stopping by also! I have your blog bookmarked and am going to further explore. I saw more than one recipe I want to try.


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