Thursday, March 3, 2011

sister suzy's sweater finished

Remember this!

Ta! Da! Finished! My first sweater! And it fits! Yeah!

I made the sleeves plain because of the long floats on the back(inside) with the stranded color work and the possibility of getting fingers caught in them. The other was I wasn't sure I could pull off getting the color changes in the right spots. Maybe another time!

I used buttons from Mother's button stash and I sewed on buttons on the back of the wooden ones to add more structure. If slipping the button assemble through the spacing in the knitting proves to not work. I will sew the two buttons around a strand or two of yarn.

I used magic loop for the first time when I knitted both sleeves at the same time. I SO wanted the sleeves to be the same length! The sleeves looked tight when I picked up the stitches to knit them. I am so glad I stopped and measured Sister Suzy's arms, because if I had followed the pattern the sleeves would have been too tight. I waited until I got to the elbow for the decreases. I did a two stitch decrease every inch until the circumference was 9 inches. I increased the length of the body by an inch and the bottom ribbing by an inch also. The cuff was increased to 3 inches and the neck ribbing to 1 1/2 inches.

Off to finish the next project.(a shrug for me!)

Have a good day!


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