Friday, March 4, 2011

red and white gingham quilt

The twin size red-n-white gingham striped quilt is finished! Yeah! You can read about the trials and tribulation here and here and here. I like how it looks. I have two different sizes of gingham for the binding. I should have divided it up into equal segments so the short piece doesn't look like I ran out of binding and added some to have enough to go around. Which is what I did!

Here is a picture of the binding I almost had enough of in two different sizes. I did some fancy finagling to get it to all look right. I am pretty proud of that corner too. It is nice and crisp!

A detail shot of the quilting and binding.

The backing was shirting flannel. You can see that chuck of binding I slapped on in the lower left hand corner. I am disappointed in myself for not taking the time to do it right. And I am too lazy to rip it off and do it in a way that would be unifying. (Like most seamstresses I know, I will do about anything to avoid seam rippers and picking threads!)

Close-up of the quilting on the back. I am still trying to figure out a way to not back stitch on short sections of quilting without tying knots and burying threads between the layers.

The gingham adventures will be continuing. There is still a box of gingham blocks to use up. I came up with another lay-out I want to try. I think, I will use up some of the pink gingham this go round.

Have a good day!



  1. I love it! It has a very Americana feel to it. Quilting is one of those things I wish I knew how to do.

    Maybe one day you'll post an easy how-to for those of us who would like to learn. :)

  2. Leslie, if you can sew, you can quilt. Honest, it is that easy.

    There is tons of free information on the web. There is one place on the web called Quilt University ran by Carol Miller that I highly recommend.

    If you really interested in my less than reverent perspective on quilting I could do a series of posts on how I quilt.(One post would be WAY too long!)

  3. "If you really interested" Jeeze-Louise! Looks like I have been talking to a three-year-old again! Should read, "If you are really interested"

  4. It looks great! I really like the way you quiled it, and it looks so soft and comfy.

  5. It is soft and snugly! I think the flannel on the back really helps.


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