Friday, May 25, 2012

item # 5 of knitting frenzy

While cruising through Ravelry's pattern section for more unique scarves I found Wingspan.  Wingspan is truly a fun knit!  I also thought it would be a better use of the heavy worsted yarn I tried to use for the Potato Chip Scarf Pattern.

I restarted this scarf a couple of times like several others.  My restart was because I did not like the holes along the top of the short rows as several others noted in their comments on Ravelry. So I frogged and did the classic wrap-n-turn of the short rows.  I also added two more wedges like several others did.  I think the eight wedges would work if you were knitting for someone very petite or only wanted the scarf as an accent piece not to keep your shoulders and neck warm.

I did the recommend cast-on of 45 stitches on US #9 needles and staggered every ten stitches using a backward 'e' cast-on for the steps. I used Jeny's Surprisingly Stretch Bind-off to finish the scarf.  I really like this bind-off and have started using it for everything.  I will be knitting this one again; I am thinking about casting-on more stitches and making it more of a capelet next time.

Have a good day!


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