Monday, May 21, 2012

Lacy Moebius Cowl

I was over at Stacy's blog Golden Bird Knits and she was showing a pattern she had found that she was enjoying knitting.  I thought it would be a fun knit for the Sister Suzy's friends.this Christmas. Which lead to a knitting frenzy of scarfs and cowls.  Here is the first one I finished.

It is Cat Bordhi's Lacy Moebius Cowl pattern.  The cowl was knit on US #10 circular needles with Red Heart Designer Sport in Cocoa and uses less than a skein of yarn.  This was such a fun knit.  Knitting moebius is addictive.  For instructions on how to cast-on a moebius go to Cat Bordhi's you-tube video.  It is so cool!  One word of warning I did knit this on 60" needles and it was a pain getting the stitches to move  around the cable.  I also knitted two more on 32" needles and it was even more difficult, definitely use 47" needles.  (Something I want for my Birthday!)  The cowl knitted up for me 10" by 11" un-stretched.  The bind-off is Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-off.  Cat Bordhi has a you-tube video for that too!

Have a good day!



  1. This past weekend I went to (no this is not spam!) and ordered two complete sets of circular kneedles, 15 pr each, one 30" and one 40". $25/each set, so I should be set. They are bamboo, which I've not knit with before. Hope I like them! It will take awhile to get them shipped down here.

    I also found the wool I need cheaper than ordering directly from Lion Brand's site at . I truly hope no one out there sees this and says 'hey, those are rip-off sites, you won't get your stuff!'

    I've not knit any cowls. Maybe I'll put it on the list...

  2. I love knitting with bamboo needles! All my yarn is closeouts at a $1.00 per skein otherwise I couldn't afford to knit. I would like to get more into sock knitting but I need to find some really good deals on sock yarn before that can happen. Thanks for the links I will start watching them. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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