Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Items 2 and 4 of knitting frenzy

I don't have a picture of item #2 as it got away from me before I could get a picture of it.  However, item #4 was knitted from the same pattern so it will have to do.

The pattern is called Checkerboard Moebius Cowl.  I found the pattern on Ravelry.  The first checkerboard cowl I knitted was with Vanna's Choice in Wild Berry.  I bound-off with Cascade 220 super-wash merino in black. I believe I used a US #7 because the cowl measured 6 3/4" by 10" unblocked.  Both Sister Suzy and I thought the cowl was too tight.  I thought it might fit and look good on a couple of her friends that are very petite and I was right.  One of the girls was over, tried it on and she was still wearing it when she left.

Here is the second cowl using the Checkerboard Moebius Cowl.

For this one I cast on 160 stitches using the requested US #8.  This cowl measured 7 1/2" by 17".  I used Vanna's Choice in Rose and bound-off in Wild Berry.  I am not real thrilled about the color combination as the Wild Berry is muted against the Rose.  I am seriously considering remove the Wild Berry and using a variegated yarn with jewel tones instead.  I used that combination in another scarf and I liked it a lot better.

Once again, use the 40 to 48 inch circular needles as the 32 inch ones I have are a real pain to work with.  In fact, I would think the 40-inch circular needles would be tight getting that first couple rows done.  Once you get past the first couple of rows the 32-inch circular needles aren't that bad.  But man, those first couple of rows!

Hubby liked the fit and drape of the larger cowl as a scarf so I am going to make him one to match his balaclava.  It will be green, brown and white.

Have a good day!


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