Saturday, April 5, 2014

it's official

I'm becoming a Crazy Cat Lady.  I knitted The Cat a bed.  I not only considered the bed a brilliant idea, I went out and bought four skeins of 100% wool yarn in colors I thought The Cat would like.  I think I may have slipped a cog or two.

The Cat loves dark colors.  If you lay anything down that is dark The Cat will be laying in the middle of said object and upset because you shooed her off.  Hence me thinking of a bed that was exclusively for her in dark colors (The blacker, the better she would like it.) would work.

I went to Ravelry and found two patterns I liked.  One being Felted Cat Bowl by Mary Hough for two cats and Junebug's Kitty Bed by Wendy Engstrom for one cat.  I used Wendy Engstrom's pattern.  This pattern has a welt around the bottom to help the bed hold its shape.  I have never knitted a welt before so I got to learn something new, also.  Easy straight forward knit!

Here are some pictures.

The bed at this point, unfelted, was 20" in diameter and the sides were 10".  The yarn was Patons Classic Wool Worsted, 3 skeins in Palais (that were on clearance, Yeah!) and one skein of Royal Purple for the welt and top.  I got the yarn at Michaels.

Wish I had taken a picture of the bottom with the increases spiral out to the welt.  I haven't gotten any measurements after the first felting.  Somebody has taken possession of the bed!

This last picture is the true colors of the bed.  The bed is going to need a couple of more feltings as the stitch definition is still pretty pronounced and the sides don't stand up.  That is, if, I can get it away from The Cat without being eaten alive!

I hope everybody is having a good day!


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