Wednesday, November 19, 2014

All Right!

Wa-hoo I'm finally legal in Arizona!  After much stressing and two trips today, the car and me are legal. (Yes, I know, it's stupid to stress to the point you're physically ill, but, well, we are talking about me here, are we not.)

 First off the check engine light was on and no matter what we did the idiot light would not stay off.  Arizona (Phoenix and Tucson) has emissions checks and if the check engine light is on they won't even check the vehicle.  Guess what was wrong?  The Gas Cap!  The rubber seal on the gas cap that pressurizes the fuel system had gotten hard.  The error code said the engine was about to commit hari-kiri but that's not how the car has been running since we got the transmission rebuilt.  I was sweating catalytic converters, O2 sensors, new injectors and yada-yada.  I don't have the money to just start changing parts until they find out what the problem is.  The cheapest fix after the tune-up the car got, was change the gas cap. And I saved $100 for the repair shop to 'diagnose' the problem.

Let's just say, it freaks the cops out when the state the car is licensed in does not match the state your driver's license is in.  Yup, there is a story that goes with that observation.  I kept my Kansas driver's license until I could get the car licensed in Arizona.  I honestly thought I was going to have to tag it in Kansas so I would have legal tags on the car from somewhere.

From the research I did on line I needed my Social Security card and birth certificate with my current driver's license.  Even the guy at the front desk said that was all I needed.  But when I got back to the lady in the cubicle she wanted me to prove I was the same person as named on my birth certificate so she wanted my marriage license.  The State of Arizona needs to update their information on the MVD web site, just saying.

I wonder what they do when faced with a common law marriage?  Which is legal in Kansas.  I forgot to ask the guy I talked to the second time.  I know, don't stir the sh!t.

I, also, kept my motorcycle endorsement.  I might just want to get a scooter for my 65th birthday.  Can you image me riding into the next family reunion on a Hog in full leathers?  I can see it now: a white-haired, short, fat, old lady riding a bike bigger than her!  That ought to cause the tongues to wag!

So to celebrate the fact I can legally drive through five states to get to Sister Suzy graduation I stopped at Sonic on the way home the second time and bought me a foot-long chili-cheese dog with tots and a large limeade!  Yum!

I'm going to tempt The Fates and tackle the next item on the to-do list.  I hope everyone is have a good day!



  1. Good for you for getting this done. I hate paperwork and the DMV and all that stuff! I've never wanted to ride a bike, but the 3 wheelers intrigue me.

  2. I've ridden both. I could handle a 350cc bike (pick it up if it was laid-over) but the seat made my legs and back-side go numb. Larger bikes have better seats but I couldn't pick them up. The three wheelers were great, they had bench seats in the back so the ride was lovely. The stability of the three wheels would be an must for me these days as I'm not as spry as I use to be. I'd want an old pan-head motor just for the rumble factor, though. LOL

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  3. darling you made me smile!
    totally get first of all stressing over sh!t that seems benign to other folks. i have red tape and paper work especially when it's government sh!t.

    i hope you get a bike and rock on the fam reunion in leathers!
    have a good too! x+o

  4. Sister Suzy wants a crotch rocket too. I think we both need to get one a piece and tour the country. Granny and the Kid! What fun! Except for the bugs, they hurt.

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