Sunday, November 2, 2014

not feeling the love

I'm just not feeling the love for the quilt I'm working on.  I think the biggest problem is it is another king-size quilt.  This makes three in a row, and this one is being quilted as one big top.  I'm tired of wrestling it in my machine.  However, I am about 2/3 done, so I am going to lay it aside for a few days. 

 I think I will start getting everything ready to head to Kansas for Sister Suzy's graduation and Hubby's memorial service.  I've started by deciding what knitting I wanted to take with me.

I posted about this afghan back on May 20, 2012 and haven't done a whole lot more to it since then.  When I pulled it out this afternoon I had to go out on the web to watch a video on how to do cables because I couldn't remember the steps. Oh My!  Well, I have two more rows knitted on it, and how to knit cables is back from the recesses of my mind.  Yeah! 

I need to start a physical list so I can remember everything I need and want to take with me.  Otherwise, I will forget something important like my coat or the cat.  LOL  She is not going to be happy with me.  She does not like to travel.

I hope everybody is having a good day!   The buzzer for my dinner just went off and I am hungry.



  1. Travel safe. You are in my thoughts.

  2. Just as long as you don't forget the knitting, LOL. Do you manage to stay motivated on a project you're not in love with? The quilt is beautiful (my kind of colors) but I know how it is when a project isn't fun anymore.

    1. I usually lose interest at some point in every project because I have mentally done all the steps and I'm bored/tired of thinking about it. Most of the time, I just keep slogging through because I make it a point, not to start anything new until I have finished the current project or I would never finish anything. I have startitis really, really bad! LOL The syndrome is not limited to just knitters and crocheters, quilters suffer from it too.

    2. I confess to having the same syndrome, LOL. Like you, I do try to finish what I started. Makes me feel like a grown-up. :)

    3. I'm more like a teen-ager, sulking, whining, and pouting while I finish up and then I'm quite proud of myself cause I finished it. : >)

      I'm really beginning to think, most creative people have it. We have the idea, set the idea in motion, become satisfied it will work, and then our brains just wander off to the next puzzle.


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