Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the prom mask

There was a request for a more detailed look at the mask that I made for Sister Suzy's prom dress.

Bags of fiberfill make nice models! LOL Google Search came to the rescue again! Did you know there are several different types of masks out there? Me neither! What I liked the best were the Venetian style. What I made was a variation of a Zorro mask. (Think TV program)

This is rough diagram with dimension of her face and head. I made several patterns and proto-types before I got something I liked.

This is a photo of most of the materials I used for the pattern making and the mask. Not in the photo are the dull satin scraps from her dress. I spent an extra $3.50 for the ribbon and package of "Bling" (the red scrolls and beads). I used six inches of 1/2" elastic in a casing across the back of the mask.

I discovered that to get the mask to lay smoother on her face I needed to make the bottom of the mask wider. I cut some relief cuts in the bottom of the mask spreading it out a little and putting a slight curve across the top of the mask. It fit her face much nicer.

I then cut out one motif from the lace scraps of her jacket. Then arranged it around one eye, pinning it all together with the muslin to two layers of the black satin. Cutting the mask out. Pinned right sides of the satin together sewing up the straight edges. Turned it right side out. I used a white quilt marking pencil to trace the eyeholes. Pinned on the lace. Then satin stitched the lace on and around the eyeholes. Cut the eye holes out and attached the elastic enclosed in a casing to the back. Then I turned the mask over to Sister Suzy to decorate with the trim pieces we had purchased.

After she was done with the mask I cut two pieces of ribbon and attached it to the mask. I think some black ribbon would have looked great with the mask. I wish I had had some. I also wonder if more red ribbon would have looked better. All and all, Sister Suzy and I were very pleased in how the mask turned out.

Thanks Evielynne for asking about the details!

Have a good Day!



  1. LOL, I am not sure how this one slipped by..?? But OMG I am so jazzed...


  2. Glad you liked it! It was fun to make even if I was punchy tired.

    Thanks for dropping by!


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