Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sister Suzy's afghan

I finished this afghan right after Christmas for Sister Suzy.  I finally had enough leftovers to finish it.  I started it in 2010 and had to lay it aside when I used up all my odds and ends.  Then I never had the motivation to photograph it at the same time the weather was decent enough to do so.

The afghan is Shelly Kang's Sock Yarn Blanket Pattern done in worsted weight yarn on #8 needles, casting on 30 stitches.  The mitered square block measured 4.5 inches for me.  It is eight blocks wide by 22 rows.  I then single-crocheted around it.  It is a fun easy knit in garter stitch.

Sister Suzy was looking at this afghan after I was about half done and asked me who I was knitting it for.  I said no one in particular would she like me to finish it for her.  Her face lit up and said yes so long as I didn't use any more pink in it.   I still had the label so I showed her that the color wasn't pink but salmon.   The kid really doesn't like pink.  LOL  It's on her bed and she has packed it on trips to visit friends, so I would say this is a success.

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