Friday, April 19, 2013

lookee at what I found

An outfit I made for Sister Suzy about 20 years ago!  I took three day off work, at the time, to make her six outfits so she would have plenty of cute clean clothes when she first arrived at the in-laws house.

We were cleaning the shed out of stuff from the in-laws that had migrated to our house and I found the outfit lying in a magazine rack that looked like a cradle.  The mice had a good time chewing out one side of the top.

Sister Suzy had trouble believing she was that little.  She was also fascinated with the size of the shoes.  I had to chuckle when she was flabbergasted about her wearing a dress every day.

I went looking for the pattern in my pattern drawer but didn't find it.  I bet the pattern is in some box rolled up with some fabric waiting for me to get back to it and make another one.  She's a bit too big for the pattern now, LOL, so I will have to wait until somebody has a little girl to use the pattern again.

That's the most blog worthy thing I've done in a while.  Haven't felt like sewing and knitting on my sweater is progressing very slowly.  However the computer card-game hearts is sucking up a bunch of my time when we are not cleaning out storage rooms and sheds.

Have a good day!



  1. Oh my goodness, I remember when I sewed all my daughter's clothes. She was little like that and it was so much fun. Actually even as she got older I knew that if it was pink, red, or frilly she'd love it. Funny how her tastes changed when she grew up. I only wish I had a reminder like you do.

  2. Yup, my daughter's taste in clothing has changed a lot, too, since she can choose what she wants to wear. Ah, the days of cute dresses and pretty shoes, but then, they grow up to be such beautiful women.

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