Monday, March 13, 2017

still here

I finally got back into blogger/google.  What A Pain!

I've been at my sister since the middle of November.  Got back to Phoenix yesterday, will be here for a little while and then will return to Wichita.  Her cancer has flared back up and I've been shuffling her back-n-forth from doctor appointments and chemo treatments.  However, I needed to come home to take care of taxes, lease on the apartment, and supply Sister Suzy with moral support.

I finished a bunch of projects at my sister's but because of blogger/google not letting me into my account I couldn't do any posting.  So while I'm taking care of business here I will post pictures about what I have finished.




  1. I was starting to worry. Thanks for checking in.

  2. Sorry, I caused you to worry. I thought I would just post when I got to Wichita. Ha; the joke was on me. I couldn't sign onto blogger no matter what I tried. Hope I have it fixed so I can sign on when I go back and I hope I get the camera problems straightened out, too!


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