Saturday, July 24, 2010

sewing room

I don't have a cutting table, I have always used the kitchen or dining room table, so this is where I want to put a bunch of tubs of fabric, put the dining table extensions on the tubs, then place the cutting mats on the extensions to cut my quilt fabric. Ultimately I want to build a rolling cart with drop leaves that I can roll into the middle of the room and walk around and cut to my heart's content, then roll it back out of the road.

Standing in door way looking at the southwest corner. that poor file cabinet has been all over this room.

Southeast corner, lots of stuff to put away and a lot more tubs downstairs need to come up.

North wall. Ah, my beloved computer and cutting mats.

West wall and my Precious!

South wall, still need to sheet rock the section around the window. The white PVC pipe frame is my quilting frame. It is made by Q-Snap and I love it. It has the footprint of a refrigerator! (Here is the address if the link doesn't work:

EDIT: The first photo should be the last one, deleted it some how and then couldn't get it to move down to the bottom. Also don't think I like the small size photos, so will go back to the medium sized ones. Photos a little dark but not bad for to table lights. JJ

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