Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hubby's father passed away early Monday morning (July 26). We spent last week running around making funeral arrangements. Hubby learned the power of lists when under duress. He would randomly think of something and I would remind him to add it to the list. In the end, it all got done and we didn't forget anything.

One thing that amazed me was some of the family started to obsess about the flowers, colors and types, I keep repeating just trust the florist to do a great job, because it really depends on what is available. Hubby and I went in with a picture of a casket spray we liked. Talked with the florist, told her this is kind of what we want and for her to go for it. We ended up with a one-of-a-kind spray that reflected my father-in-law's personality and it was beautiful. Trust the florist!

When they were discussing what to do with the flowers after the service I forgot to suggest giving them to the local nursing home for the patients to enjoy. I didn't remember it until we were back at the trailer unwinding. We did that after my mother passed away. Man, I can't believe I forgot that! What a waste of such beautiful flowers, because nobody took them.

We kicked around whether or not to stay in a motel or just come home and sleep in our own bed after the Thursday night visitation then get up early Friday and drive the hour back for the graveside services. We had a moment of inspiration and decided to take the travel trailer. We stayed in a local RV park, had our own beds, peace and quiet, and a full kitchen. The rest of the family stayed in the local high-end motel and had to put up with noisy ice machines, slamming doors, loud talking in the halls and A/C that didn't work. We stayed an extra night and came home Saturday morning.

Spent today puttering in my sewing room and cooking. I got one tub of fabric on bolts (cards) and put away in a dresser drawer. Only have ten bazillion more tubs to go! I saw these fabric organizers in the Clotilde catalog. I thought they were a great idea but unfortunately I have way too much fabric to afford them. I also, want to get my fabric stash down to one maybe two tubs. So I think it would be kind of a waste to buy enough for ten bazillion tubs of fabric. Gave it a some thought, had flash of brilliance and cut up some cardboard boxes into sizes that fit my storage system (file cabinet, dressers, and totes). Yes, I know the cardboard is not acid free but nether is the file cabinet or dressers or totes. My thinking is if I can get the fabric sewn up and out of here in the next year or two it won't make any difference. I'm not into heirloom quilts. I want my quilts to be used.

My stomach is growling! Think I'm going to raid the frig.

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