Tuesday, September 14, 2010

two quilts

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Two quilts to show you. They are both twin size. More bunk size really, they just cover the mattress. Sister Suzy is camping out in my Woman Cave as we discovered her air conditioner is leaking condensation in the wall in her room. We are waiting for the wall to dry out before tearing into it because it is full of mold.

This first one is blue and white gingham all the same color family but different size gingham checks.

I chose to use a maroon fabric for the border so I interspersed some of the maroon through quilt top to tie it all together.

This is my black and white one with one inch borders and setting blocks.

I used red and black thread to quilt the two end borders. I used a plastic lid to draw the quilt lines. You can also see how I used scraps to make the binding.

A close-up of the blocks and the way it is set together.

I really like the way the that little dab of red makes the quilt sing. The white cross in the center block is chicken scratch embroidery. I liked that little detail also. I don't know where Mother got that fabric but I am sure she didn't do it as I have other fabric in her stash with different stuff embroidered on it. She was, however, planning a quilt top featuring a chicken scratch motif. I have the envelope with the pattern and instruction my Aunt Fern sent her.

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