Sunday, September 5, 2010

Oh no! I've been sucked in!

Hubby brought home some Sudoku puzzle books. I have found another thing to suck up my time. With cruising for something to read on the web and now I have Sudoku. I didn't get a whole lot done last week. The only thing I finished was the scarf using the yarn from the 'yarn tasting' event I went to at the Twist Yarn Shop in Wichita. When I get pictures I will post them with a run down of the yarns and the stitch I used.

After downloading instructions on how to solve the puzzles, I am now up to level two in the book. I am starting to ration the puzzles to one a day. What a time sucker! I got too much stuff I want to get done.

I went out and picked apples today. I don't know what kind of apples they are but I think they are Cox Orange Pippins. Whatever they are, they taste good!

The tree next to it has some small yellow-greenish apples that are dry, mealy and with no flavor at all. So that tree is going to get a severe prune job so we can mow under it. I think this tree just has the root stock left. I will leave it to pollinate the 'Cox'.

These two trees were dwarfs from Stark Brothers. One had five modern apples grafted on it and the other had five antiques grafted on it. The neighbor's dog used one for a fire hydrant and the other, the local young malcontent used it as the object of a temper tantrum. So we have been waiting for them to grow out and see if we had anything usable on them. The 'Cox' isn't a dwarf any more, either. So I'm going to do some topping on it.

The other apple tree in the yard is an Arkansas Black. The apples on it won't be ready for another month. And I think I need to find a tree to cross pollinate with it. It just hasn't set that much fruit in the three or four years it has had apples.

So tomorrow I am going to start on the damaged apples. The damaged ones have bug bites. I saw wasps, BIG flies, and some butterflies. I am undecided as to what to make with them. I could dehydrate them, make applesauce, or apple butter, but I'm looking for something with more pizazz. Hubby doesn't much like apple butter, I love it on toast, but I'm trying to get away from grains. Applesauce doesn't do that much for me but hubby likes it. If I dehydrate them, beyond pies, what I am I going to do with them? Guess I'll sleep on it. I'm sure to wake up with some kind of inspiration.

Time to check on dinner. We're having Hawaiian Ribs from Stephanie O'Dea's blog A Year of Slow Cooking.

Have a good day! Judy

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