Monday, May 23, 2011

family and stuff

Just got off the phone with my brother, he lives in Joplin, Missouri. He and his wife are fine with no property damage. He said our cousin and her family are fine but with downed trees and no electricity.

My prayers go out to the rest of the Joplin area that didn't fair as well.

On a lighter note, Sister Suzy graduated Sunday, March the 18th with a magna cum laude and got to wear the International Thespian honor blue and gold cord. She picked out the local Chinese restaurant for the family meal afterward. The kid would eat Chinese everyday if I would agree to it. She has pooled all the money she received for graduation and purchased a laptop. The only program not on the laptop was Microsoft Office. So Hubby and I will probably spring for that before she starts summer school at Butler CC in two weeks.

She left for Senior Trip this morning at 7:00. Guess where they are going? Yup, Missouri! They are going to a resort at the Lake-of-the-Ozarks. From the forecast it should be a wet week. I hope they brought plenty of games to play!

Mother-in-law has been in and out of the hospital. We got to clean up behind the cat! I could do a rant about that cat but I won't. I could also do a rant about why she was in and out of the hospital but I will bite my tongue on that one too. After looking at her I need to put more effort into getting and staying healthy.

I started rescuing the garden from the weeds. I got the weeds that were smothering the peppers plants cleared away and thirty feet of green beans done. Cleared some of the weeds in the asparagus patch too. I have the tomatoes, strawberries, and the rest of the asparagus patch to rescue. Still need to tear up the rest of the garden and plant beets, Swiss chard, carrots, cucumbers, radishes, a little lettuce, maybe some okra and my sweet potato slips.

Tomorrow I need to get started on the pantry. I know I have a vacuum packed bag of minute tapioca pudding in there but I couldn't find it. So I am going to pull everything out of there and do a master list, label shelving and rotate stuff.

Quilting is on hold until I get some of this other stuff done.

It is approaching midnight, so have a good day! LOL



  1. That tornado hit a bit too close to my Mom in KC. Glad your family came through ok.

    A note to say that I finally put up the picture of the afghan I made. It's one of those things that will get used because I don't think it is 'nice' enough to 'save'. So, a good use of left-over yarn.

  2. Talked to my brother later he said that my sister-in-law was getting ready to jump in the car and head for work in the middle of it. He told her she could wait until it lightened up a little so she could see to drive. His prudence probably saved her life. She works at Freemont Hospital which is two or three blocks from St. John's and she has to drive by St. John's to get to Freemont. Glad to hear your loved ones are no-worse-for-the-wear also.

    I will pop over to your blog and have a look at your handy-work! I finally stopped making things that are 'too nice' to use. And why do we do that anyway? Our Midwestern-Protestant-Farmer upbringing?

    Thanks for stopping by and letting me know about that photo.


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