Thursday, December 8, 2011

Couple of items today.

1. Made salsa last night for Sister Suzy to take to her end of semester party in one of her classes. Recipe here.

Here lately I've been dealing with jalapenos that were bell peppers masquerading as jalapenos. So last night I decided to leave the seeds in two peppers instead of one for a touch of heat. Big Mistake! I was chugging eggnog straight from the carton! These babies were at the upper end of the Scoville scale for jalapenos moving into the habanero range. I added a 15-oz. can of pureed tomatoes, didn't touch the heat level. More eggnog from the carton! So I pureed another can of tomatoes, only this time I put the tomatoes in a separate bowl and added one ladle of salsa to the tomatoes. Okay, I could live with that.

Dug out another 28-oz. can of tomatoes only this time the can said they were crushed (already pureed, cool). I added 2 1/2 scoops more of the liquid fire (salsa), some salt and liquid mesquite smoke and we were in business again.

So now I have a bunch of liquid fire I'm not sure what to do with. I wonder if I could freeze it in small batches, pull it out, thaw, and then add the tomatoes to it without ruining it?

2. My sister brought over a new two-piece parka they got at her job for me to do something with the sleeves. We have long arms and broad shoulders, men's shirts and coats fit better than women's because of the way they are cut. However, the only person I know who would have been comfortable in this coat would have been our brother with a 36-inch sleeve length.

There are two ways to fix the problem. The first is to add some elastic to the cuff to tighten up the cuff so the sleeve can't slip down. While it worked it was uncomfortable. So I got to rip the cuffs off both coats and cut off three inches of sleeve then reattach the cuffs. I went through the sleeve linings of both coats to make the alteration.

While I was working on the coats I notice that the tab on the outer coat for hooking the two coats together was placed 90 degrees from the placement of the loop of the inner coat. This was probably causing some of the discomfort in wearing the parka, so I fixed that too. I also rebuilt the cuff for the outer coat eliminating the Velcro for adjusting in the cuffs. She was happy with the fit. Yeah!

Back to it!

You have a good day!


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