Wednesday, December 21, 2011

tappan zee sweater finished

The sun is shining today so I got busy and took some finished project outside and did some photographing.

My Tappan Zee sweater works but is not the cats meow. So for a first sweater I am wearing around the house it works. Love the colors and light shine but still doesn't fit the best.

The buttons pull on the button band. I need to research out how to fix that issue in the future. Could be the weight of the yarn used and the gauge. Notice that the bottom part of the band is tighter/fuller that the top five ridges. I finally looked at the skein band for the new yarn I bought and I got worsted instead of sport. Oh well! It works.

Here is all the extra knitting I added to the neck with short row shaping along the back to make it more comfortable to wear.

Have a good day!


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