Thursday, January 3, 2013

Blogger's spam filter

Just for kicks and grins I decided to look to see what was in Blogger's spam filter for comments on my blog.  I found some comments in there from the last of October to the first part of November that should have been sent to comment moderation.  Makes you wonder about the flakiness of the programing.  It, also, makes me ask the question; do you really need a spam filter if you have comment moderation turned on?

I promise to do better and look in there on a more regular basis from now on. :>)

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  1. That reminds me I should go check mine. I did discover that Blogger does not like my preferred web browser, Opera. I repeatedly got emails from folks whose blogs I'd commented only, telling me my comments weren't showing up on their blogs. Turned out all these comments were filed in spam for them. :)

  2. It does make me wonder what little piece of code they were messing with to make it dislike your browser.

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