Sunday, January 27, 2013

Xs and Os quilt

This is the third quilt I made for the girls.

The pattern is called Xs and Os.  The inspiration for the quilt came from a You Tube video by the Missouri Star Quilt Co.  I didn't want to make too deep of borders so I used four and a half blocks across the width of the quilt and alternated the placement of the half-block on each row. Which really made the Xs and Os stand out.  I discovered that after I had the quilt laid out so the light and dark blocks are bunched in areas. (You know, one of those, I wonder what this would look like ideas?)

Figuring out how I was going to pull off the way I wanted the quilting to look was a bit of a challenge.
I had to over-quilt some of my stitching in the ditch to have continuous lines of quilting instead of stopping and starting a lot. I originally planned for the dark red to be the outside border and binding but after measuring and some calculations I discovered I didn't have enough fabric so I reversed my layout of the border.

For the back I decided I wanted to do strips of fabric.
I didn't take a close-up of the label but it's there in the lower right-hand corner!  LOL!

Have a good day!


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