Sunday, February 23, 2014

housesitters quilt

Before I left in November I completed a quilt I had in my UFO tub for the young couple that were housesitting for us in Kansas that I thought they would like.  The house in Kansas is cool at best and down right cold at times.  I was pretty sure neither one of them had brought enough blankets to stay warm and I was right.

Let's just say the young lady was a prime example of Einstein's comment on stupidity.  She was warned the house gets cold.  She needed to find and put on warmer clothing; and she didn't.  Then she couldn't figure out why she was miserable.  (Walks away mutter under my breath.)

I finished the quilt at the last minute and didn't get any pictures.  So my plans from EQ6 will have to do.

This is the quilt top I cut all the blocks to and didn't make a sample block to find out if the template that was published in the Kansas City Star was accurate.  The block was the Apple Core.  The published template is a quarter of an inch off.  Needless to say I mentally kicked myself because I had been warned to make a sample block and didn't.  So now you have been warned!  The quilt block patterns published in print need to be double-checked, especially old newspapers.

This quilt measures 94" square, each strip is about 5" wide.  The rectangular block pieces were about 2 1/2" wide.  To quilt the pieced strips I used stitch-n-the-ditch.  The borders and long un-pieced strips had a diamond quilted in them.  So for kicks-n-grins I quilted everything with varying shades of purple as that is her favorite color.  I used the thickest batting I had in my stash for the middle layer.

This quilt was a long slog to get finished.  I had to really push myself to stick with it and get it done.  It looked really nice when it was finished and washed.  The quilt puffed up nicely but man-oh-man was it ever a struggle to finish.

I hope everyone has a good day!


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