Sunday, February 9, 2014

I'm here, again!

Well, most of the business in Wichita is done.  We left Monday before this on Tuesday:

Sorry about this!  The picture has loaded upside down and I have rotated it in Windows 7's photo viewer, re-saved and can't get it to do what I want it to. :( 

Edit:  2 March 2014  WaaHoo! I finally got the picture to rotate!

With temps hovering around 0.  Hubby and I drove straight through to Alamogordo, NM only stopping for fuel.  We wanted to get south of any ice or snow.  I-40 between Grants and Flagstaff was forecasted to be freezing rain, ice and snow after 4 PM last Monday. So we hurried to get through the mountains above Alamogordo on US54 to avoid any potential bad weather up there.

We got home Tuesday evening; this is how it looks from our balcony.

It is 73, today, and the windows are open.  My sister tells me there is still snow in Wichita and is getting ready to snow again.  I'm glad to have my achy bones back in Phoenix!

I had a stroke of good luck!  Hubby sit down and figured it would cost us an extra $40.00 for him to come and get me above the price of a bus ticket.  Yeah baby! How fast can you get to Wichita?

The tranny looks like it's fixed in the Focus, so now we have to get it inspected and tagged in Arizona.  I need to get an Arizona Driver's License, find banking here, and start looking for more permanent housing.  Then we can head back to Kansas and clean out the storage room we rented.  After that, when we make a run to Kansas it will be to visit family.  We can make it spring or fall when the weather isn't freezing cold or blazing hot.

Hope everyone is staying warm!



  1. I have something work-related to celebrate. Once Mom leaves on the 5th we need to get together. I'd do it before, but she doesn't really like Mexican/Greek/anything she can't pronounce, so I'm going to wait. Hey, if I can get consolidated here, you guys can too.

    1. Grin! Is your mom from around Hallsville/Centralia, Missouri? My mother operated the same way. She missed out on a lot of good tasting food.

      I'm sure we will get settled in eventually. Most of the legal and financial business is taken care of for now. Just a few more loose ends to tie-up when they finally play-out.

      I will e-mail you so we can set up a time to get together cause I like celebrating.


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