Monday, March 23, 2015

the state of my wardrobe(summer)

The state of my summer wardrobe is sorry, sad, embarrassingly ragged.  Since the temps are in the middle to high 80s the situation is becoming critical if I want to leave the A/C off for a few more weeks.  I have repaired or remodeled 6 pair of shorts and should get another summer out of them.  The tops?  I'm down to 2 shirts that are only fit for rags and don't want to be seen in public in them.

So I have gone through my fabric stash and found 8 pieces of fabric that there is enough yardage to make shirts with.  I even found a pattern that I had never used rolled up in a piece of fabric.  What could be simpler than a front, back and neck-facings?  I have the first of the new shirts made.
The shirt pattern takes about two and a third yards.  Not thrilled with a boat-style neckline so the next one will have something different.  Probably bring the back of the neck up to the natural neckline and change the front to a v-neck or a scoop neckline.  Have also considered cutting a square opening just at the mid-line of the bust and inserting a button closure, kind of like the dickeys of my youth.  I'm waffling on this as it is more work (buttons and buttonholes) but it would add some more pizazz to the shirts.

And no, I did not use the shoulder pads! LOL I have football-player shoulders and neck muscles.  Which is why I want to bring the neckline back around to the natural neckline.

I hope everyone is having a good day!



  1. shoulder pads. lol! so very krystel carrington!

    i've been going through my spring//summer clothes. i have a lot to part with also.
    i made a bunch of tunics a few years ago those are still truckin and my favorite type of top.
    i really need to make some knee shorts and capris or peddle pushers as my grams would say.
    i have a hard time finding anything i'm so in love with in the shops so to the machine i go too!

    i just crocheted a loose woven poncho. first time attempting crochet in forever. i'm going to make a big floral broach to pin on it to jazz it up for tun.
    have a good day judy! happy stitching!

    1. I'm so short that capris(mid-calf) are cropped pants(bottom of calf) on me which enhances how short and dumpy I am. So I have cut them all off and make old-fashion pedal pushers(top of calf) out of them. I hear you about not finding anything in the shops (a) I would even want to try on and (b) fit in all the right spots. So I sew or do severe alterations to the garment.

      Pictures! And a blog post on the poncho and broach. I want to see! LOL


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