Sunday, May 31, 2015

learning something new

I learned something new while avoiding cleaning and rearranging the bedrooms.

I think I may have found what I want to do with this yarn. 

I started Frankie Brown's Ten Stitch Blanket but I couldn't get the corners square. I did stumble upon a you-tube tutorial from Very Pink Knits that explained what I was probably doing wrong with the corners. Of course, that was after I had given up, ripped it all out and moved on to another pattern.

The next pattern tried was Lion Brand's Mud Cloth Inspired Afghan.  This was an intarsia pattern with 50 bazillion little balls of yarn.  I got maybe the first section knitted before I gave up because ever few rows you had to stop and untangle all those little skeins of yarn so you could knit some more.  This yarn frays really bad so it was a real mess.  Maybe in a sturdier yarn.  And I have a quilt designed in the lay-out!

Then I thought about the Edith Shawl by Lion Brand as an afghan but realized I would be dealing with 12 skeins of yarn.  Less than the Mud Cloth afghan but still not what I wanted to get involved with. The other problem was the lace I was getting didn't look so hot.  Maybe a simpler lace pattern.

So I pulled out the lace pattern from my Tappan Zee sweater and started with that.  Knit one repeat in blue and one in white.  Nope, not what I wanted.  Because I was stacking one diamond repeat on top of another, I was creating a secondary diamond half blue-half white. Yuck!

Then I was searching Ravelry for things knitted with Lion Brand's Cupcake Yarn and found a couple of entrelac projects.  I liked what I saw and I have always wanted to learn how to knit entrelac.  So why not?  I would be knitting one color at a time.  Kewl! 

So I search for you-tube tutorials and found several.  The most helpful were the tutorials put up by iknitwithcatfur.
part 1  and   part 2.

I did use Eunny Jang's suggestion to slip the first stitch of the every row as it made picking up stitches a whole lot easier on the foundation row.  The other thing I noticed was everybody's cast-on row was too tight, including Eunny Jang's.  So I played around with a couple of ideas for stretchy cast-ons and decided on a provisional cast-on.  If I need to make the afghan bigger/longer I have a place to add equally when I run out of the cupcake yarn.  If not, I think Jeny's stretchy cast-off will give it equal stretch at both ends.

One other thing, to keep the fraying under control, I remembered what you do with nylon rope to keep it from unraveling.  You use a flame to melt the ends.  Guess what, it works!  Just don't shake the end to put out the flame or you have molten plastic sticking to your skin.  Blow out the flame and let it cool before touching.  We won't discuss how many times I did this before I remember to blow out the end.  Okay!

Well, I need to empty and move a dresser. : >(
Or I could just go knit some more. : >)

Y'all have a good day!



  1. I've wanted to try that sometime. I'll use your links, since you did the work for me already. :)

    The 3rd (or is it 4th) start with my bulky yarn is finally making it into a workable afghan, or maybe I'll call it a heavy shawl. I'm counting the stitches on each row this time.

    1. Your welcome! ;>)

      Counting stitches can be a pain. I finally started using stitch markers every 20 stitches or every couple of repeats to keep track of where I'm at. I can count to 20, 150 - 200 not so much. LOL

      Oh, on Ravelry someone mentioned that if you don't bind-off the top triangles that you need to increase you stitches by a factor of 1.3 to 1.4 to get everything to lay flat because the fabric is on a bias. So it will be interesting to see how big the 12 repeats I'm using will actually get. I plan on washing and blocking before I bind-off or add extra to both ends.

  2. Ooo, entrelac! I've only done one project with it - some fishy mittens (Fiber Fish by Laurie Corriveau) which were a real hoot to knit. I always meant to try another project and never got back to it. It was fun knitting uphill and downhill.

    1. I am having fun! I'm enjoying knitting with one color at a time, no tangled mess. Knit a little rectangle and then, it's time to start another one. So far no boredom! Yeah!


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