Monday, June 15, 2015

ready for sister suzy

I finally got the master bedroom ready for Sister Suzy.  Damn, I hate bunged up knees!  I took down the Vertical blinds that seem to be ubiquitous to Arizona on all windows and doors.  Oh, and patio doors are arcadia doors in Arizona, too.  You get some really puzzled looks when you talk about your patio doors until they make the connection.
Can we say butt ugly!?  I thought we could!  Also, note they do nothing to protect from heat/cold infiltration.  I don't think they had ever been taken down to clean, if the top of the bracket/rail was any indications. It looks like all maintenance did was replace damaged slats as you can see in the different shades of white in the slats.

Any way, this is what I came up with.

I went to Hobby lobby and picked up 5 yards of white flocked drapery lining.  I made a sash/black-out curtain and hung that over the door blocking out any light that might come around the curtain as well as blocking out the cold/heat.  That curtain alone cut the temperature in that room by at least 10 degrees and the A/C isn't cycling as much.  Then I hung the drapes I originally bought for the front room on the rod that the finials screw into but only used one and butted the other end up against the wall.  I used rings on the sash curtain so you can open the curtains and step out the door.  But like a dummy I got the wrong size rings for the drapery rod, so I had to just run the drapes on the rod until I can get the right size rings to finish the project.  This makes the drapes hang a little high in the picture.

If Sister Suzy wants it darker in her room, I will go back to Hobby Lobby to get the black drapery lining fabric and make another curtain.  She has a security light just outside her patio door shining on the mailboxes and courtyard.  It really lights up that room and the balcony.

Well I'm going to be off line for a month or so while I'm back in Kansas getting Sister Suzy and visiting family.

Y'all hold the fort down and don't have too much fun!



  1. happy safe travels judy and the curtains look great!

  2. sorry if I sounded disgruntled yesterday. Having a bad few days. Thermal curtains are essential in our kind of heat! good job on the "Arcadia doors ? " I have always called them sliding glass doors?

    1. Grump is your M.O. and I was not offended.

      Do you have any idea where the term arcadia doors came from? And why here? I'm always amazed how people here in the valley don't get you need the same window treatments here as you do in cold climates.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    2. I think one of the first companies to make them was the Arcadia window and door company. My local Lowes sells thermal drapes in several colors! There insulating properties are great for hot climates like ours.

    3. That would makes sense, since we tend to name thing after the company that makes something.

      Thanks! I will take a look next time I'm out and about.

  3. Yeah, those blinds are everywhere here as are the 'Acradia' doors. Never head them called that. Stay safe on your trips.

    1. I had heard of it before, vaguely! I will, I'm on the way out the door as I type.

  4. Huge improvement, just in looks. The heat protection is just a wonderful bonus. 8)
    Hope you're enjoying your trip.

  5. Stop in from Mr Rat....Enjoy your visit with your sister Suzie.
    Coffee is on


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