Saturday, April 9, 2016


I like putting puzzles together but I don't want boxes of them setting around.  You put the puzzle together once and I'm ready to move on to the next one.  I wonder if they have puzzle exchanges.  You know, like, game exchanges where you take in your x-box/PlayStation games you are tired of and exchange them for something different.  In a city, the size of Phoenix you would think so.  I guess I need to do an Internet search out of curiosity.

So, while I was stuck sitting in my chair because moving set the back muscles to spasming, I found a puzzle site out on the web.  The site is called Jigidi and at a price, I can afford.  Free!  I'm having a lot of fun zoning out and putting the puzzles together.  My favorites are landscapes and doors, of all things.
This puzzle was created by jayelldolls and the link to the puzzle is  I have noticed it takes me about twice as long as the slowest time shown.  I don't know if I'm slowing up in my old age, have trouble with shape and color placement, or I'm taking the time to really enjoy putting them together.

Well, I have some more puzzles bookmarked, so I'm going to dive back in and avoid the housekeeping for a while longer. 

Y'all have a good day, hear!



  1. Not a comment on this post but I see you are a knitter. I wonder if you know about this wonderful project. I believe it began here in Bellingham.

    1. No, Jan, I hadn't read about it. For anybody interested it is about knitted breast prosthetic.

  2. Wow, has it been this long since I've last visited! I like puzzles too and think maybe I should get out an old fashioned cardboard puzzle for the card table!

    1. The cat will love it! : >) You know I just looked at the date on this post; I can't believe it's been that long since I have posted anything!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


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