Thursday, December 22, 2011

a christmas quilt

This is one of the quilts I wanted to make for Christmas. The quilt is for a little boy. I dug around my fabric stash pulling out all the prints I could find that I thought a little boy might like. Using the Crazy Shortcut Quilt Method I made three different types of blocks.

The quilt measures 48 inches by 72 inches. Meaning he should be able to use it until it is wore out as an adult. The other reason I made it that large is because I have held and rocked sick babies all night. Having their favorite blanket and it being big enough to cover both of us was essential.

I used the fabric that came with the border print for the backing. I discovered I should have used black thread in the bobbin after I got most of the blocks quilted when I switched to black thread to finish quilting the apple border prints.

I used a high loft batting cause that's what I had on hand. The quilting and setting together was a bit fiddly, but I like the definition of the quilting particularly the star blocks.

I wanted to make a block that showed off the large-scale prints, so I made 6 quarter square triangle blocks and then quilted in eighths.

This is the original block I started with. I thought a skewed star would look really nice. I made six of them and wasn't impressed. So I thought up some different types of blocks. However, after I quilted the star blocks I wish I had made more. Silly me!

To make the star blocks I used six pieces of 13 1/2 by 14-inch square material. Made five cuts, re-sewing after each cut. Then trimming to 12 inches square.

This block was a great use of a big piece of border fabric and scraps of fabric I had lying around. None of the scraps were big enough to make either one of the other blocks but were perfect for this block. I made 12 blocks. Six blocks the apples were on the top and six with the apples on the bottom because the apple border was directional.

I like how the quilt turned out. This is just half of the gift, the other half is two books that you can record your voice reading the books. As the pages are turned the child gets the next page read to them. What could be better than snuggling under a quilt listening to a book being read to you?

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